Pink Garlic Takeaway & Table Menu

Exotic dishes

Some of these dishes are unique to Pink Garlic as we only use the best in freshly ground spice, which creates mouth- watering flavours

39. Jalfar
Slices of fresh chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy tangy light sauce with fresh mushroom garnished with coriander.
40. Methi
Chicken or lamb cooked in spices and fresh fenugreek leaves.
41. Golabi
Chicken or lamb cooked with green chillies, ginger, garlic and fresh coriander to create a very rich and hot flavour.
42. Panirwala Gosht
Tender chicken or lamb cooked in a medium tomato sauce with cheese toppings.
43. Naga Jall
Chicken or lamb cooked with potato in special naga chilli sauce, cooked to your strength, madras or vindaloo hot.
44. Begum Bahar
Marinated chicken with mince lamb cooked with exotic spices, onions, garlic, coriander, mushrooms and garnished with aubergines and green chillies.
45. Gosht Kata Masala
Tender lamb immersed overnight in a marinade of freshly ground spices, prepared in delectable sauce with chopped garlic, ginger and worcester sauce.
46. Rojoti
Chicken or lamb cooked with chef’s own blend of herbs, spices and sweet chilli sauce with a topping of spring onions and mushrooms.
47. Tangrai Piaza
Chicken or lamb grilled on a skewer with onions, peppers and tomatoes served in a thick medium sauce.
48. Moglai
Tender chicken or lamb cooked in a mild sauce and topped with mince lamb.
49. Dewani
Chicken or lamb cooked in a medium sauce with chana dall and fresh spices topped with shredded fried potatoes.
50. Ma Goa
Chicken or lamb cooked with sweet mango chutney in a thick medium sauce.
51. Murgh Premal
Spring chicken off the bone cooked with minced lamb, boiled egg and fresh herbs and spices.
52. Tava Gosht
Tender morsels of chicken or lamb cooked in an exotic sauce with garlic and ginger, and then covered in a hot sauce with fresh chillies and coriander.
53. Makhani
Chicken or lamb marinated in yoghurt sauce and then cooked in a mild authentic sauce.
54. Anokha
Tender chicken or lamb cooked in a sauce consisting of crushed garlic, ginger tomato puree and yoghurt in a unique blend of spices.
55. Bemisaal
Chicken stuffed with spicy minced lamb and curry leaves served in chefs special sauce.
56. Anari Lamb Chops
Grilled baby lamb chops marinated with garlic, ginger and fresh spices and served in a meduim sauce.



N.B allergies and special diets
If you have a reaction to nuts, gluten, dairy products or other foods, please ask before ordering.
The management reserves the right to refuse service without explanation.
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